THREAD was presented during the spring edition of the 2017 Textile Symposium by Textielcommissie Nederland. During the intense 10 minutes a story unfolds in the language of body, textiles and music. First there was a dot The dot continued into a line The line became a thread — an offer of possibilities The thread was wound […]

Alya Hessy - Thread - 2017

One – Two – Three

This project was a collaboration with a choreographer Son of Mom, who created a performance he called W3. SonOfMom reflects about the W3 as “a choreographic gesture which problematizes the current state of European democratic affairs and identity whilst projecting on archetypal constructs of a woman through the exposure of three artists; a Mother, a Goddess […]

Red Thread

Durational performance In other performances, Hessy has also knit with her own body, slipping thick red thread from one arm to the other to create long chains of knit that draw a dynamic line down multistory walls in various museum settings. The artist carries her giant cache of yarn in an oversized bag around her […]

Alya Hessy, Van Abbemuseum, 2016

Noren – Space In Between

A Japanese craftsman.His material is alive. He looks at it, he smells it, he feels it.He sifts some rice powder in his bowl and adds water.Water is very clear in Chiba, that’s why he moved here.He picks up his wooden pestle. It absorbs the warmth of his hands. He starts stirring. The mixture is very […]

Alya Hessy - Noren Space In Between - 2014

Constant Companion

A work for the annual Rietveld at the Old Church exhibition with a theme Constant Companion. The exhibition took place on March 16 – April 6 2014 in the Old Church (Oude Kerk) in Amsterdam These chairs are made especially for the Mirror room of the Amsterdam Old Church, to replace the original ones from 1580. […]

Alya Hessy, Constant Companion, 2014

The Island

A research about the Ainu of the island Hokkaido (Japan). The Ainu used to live on the islands of Kurily, Sakhalin, Tohuku and Hokkaido. Through out the history their islands were passed to and fro among the Russian Empire, Japan and (later) Soviet Union. A Hole, a Door and a Tree A hole is a […]

Alya Hessy, The Island, 2013


Winning design of an annual prize issued by the literary translators workgroup (Werkgroep Literair vertalers, Vereniging van Letterkundigen). The award ceremony took place on March 3, 2014 in De Balie, Amsterdam. The workgroup of Literary translators of the Dutch Literary Society presents an annual award to promote and encourage the work of translators. The prize […]

Alya Hessy - Translation - 2013

Enacted Magazine

The starting point of the project was an article about a Russian poet Joseph Brodsky in the American Vogue 1973. It was just a year after he had been expelled from the USSR. From Exile to Vogue A Russian poet Joseph Brodsky appears in the American Vogue in 1973 a year after being sent into […]

Alya Hessy - Enacted Magazine - 2012

Farewell Forever

Farewell Forever is a compilation of video footage found on youtube, a lot of it being Soviet films of the 1970-s. The video is an attempt to get “under the skin” of Joseph Brodsky when he was leaving his country forever (after being expelled).

Alya Hessy - Farewell Forever - 2012