listening to the body – making by hand – exploring intimacy

Latest work: Inner Garden

Spaces to feel alive and free

I care about Life. I care to express life through exploring ideas, making with my hands and moving my whole body. I create with care. I explore spaces within myself, both physical and mental, through the process of making.

Body fibre

I love working with textile for its deepest connection with the human body, from the way of creating the fiber to the way of making cloth, I love the symbolism of textile connections. I love working with clay for its ability to enter into a conversation with my body and to either take the shape I give it or collapse when I ask too much. Interaction with textile, clay, wood or stone lets me explore their different qualities and challenge my body to find a way of creating a fluent conversation with the material. Working this way brings me in the state of flow and allows me to connect to something bigger than myself.

Silent dialogue

I create spaces, both physical and mental, through making installations with the objects I make. To let the material speak, to create a silent dialogue between the objects and between the viewer and the objects. To share the expression of life that I feel inside with the viewer, to open up their space, to speak to something they know but might not be aware of. 

The visceral

I am a woman who embraces her femininity and her experience of life through the cyclic nature of my body and mind. I want to open up the space for other women to connect to, feel and express their feminine nature freely. I want to open up the space for men to connect to, feel and interact with women in their authenticity. I want to open up the space for everyone who feels the currents of femininity within themselves to connect to them and explore them fully.

Resonant space

I want to create spaces for people to be free, to explore and connect to themselves and each other. Through the language of body awareness, working with my hands I want to transform the energy of matter into spaces of resonance for you, my viewer, spaces where you can get in touch with your own possibilities, delicate complexity and beauty. Because I care.