Upcoming show – UNFINISHED

I have spent the past two years doing artistic research within the Master programme Practice Held in Common, ArtEZ, Arnhem. Together with my fellow-participants, I would like to invite you to 𝘜𝘕𝘍𝘐𝘕𝘐𝘚𝘏𝘌𝘋, a show and celebration of our graduation. Inner Garden, Alya Hessy, 2020 Inner Garden is an embodied reflection on being human, exploring the […]

8-11 October MA Graduation Show in Arnhem

You are cordially invited to UNFINISHED, a show and celebration of the graduation of the MA Practice Held in Common of ArtEZ University of the Arts. Nine artists and designers will present their creative practice to the public at the Melkfabriek in Arnhem from 8 October to 11 October 2020. Time and details will follow […]

Interview for Practice Held in Common

“The PHiC Participant Interviews is a short podcast series in which Practice Held in Common participants give insight into how they are doing and adapting their practice to the current situation. In today’s talk Alya Hessy shares her experiences and thoughts. “

Inner Garden and MA graduation

In June 2020 Alya will graduate from MA Practice Held in Common at ArtEZ in Arnhem. She is preparing an installation Inner Garden, which will be a part of a group exhibition at Melkfabriek in Arnhem. The exhibition is expected to take place in October.

Studio at Kortestraat in Arnhem

Studies in Textiel #7

In May 2017 Alya Hessy did a performance Thread (Draad) for the Symposium Art and Textile (Kunst en Textiel). The Textielcommissie Nederland, which had organised the symposium, has published a beautiful book, which contains contributions of all the participants, including Hessy’s poem and pictures of the performance. Read Alya Hessy’s contribution (in Dutch). Order your own copy of the […]

"Studies in Textiel" publication

Exhibition in Denmark

Alya Hessy’s work will be exhibited in Denmark at Ærø Kunsthal.From April 18 till 2 September.Shades of Red – Tactile Moving ConceptA unique chance to buy a piece you love! Ærø KunsthalVestergade 41 AC,5970 Ærøskøbing

Aero Kunsthal exhibition

Knitting After Making

“When is the activity of making the primary objective – and when is the physical outcome?” – Jessica Hemmings, textile writer and Professor of Crafts & Vice-Prefekt of Research at the University of Gothenburg, discusses in her essay Knitting After Making, published in the new Bloomsbury’s book Textiles, Community and Controversy. The Knitting Map, edited by Jools Gilson and […]

New Adventure

September 2018 has come and found me on a ‘school bench’. I have embarked on a 2-year Master of Arts programme at ArtEZ – Practice Held in Common. I am taking this time to connect to others, feel the fresh breeze of inspiration and, above all, to re-evaluate and root down my artistic practice in the life that I live, […]

MA Practice Held in Common