THREAD was presented during the spring edition of the 2017 Textile Symposium by Textielcommissie Nederland. During the intense 10 minutes a story unfolds in the language of body, textiles and music.

First there was a dot
The dot continued into a line
The line became a thread — an offer of possibilities

The thread was wound upon itself
      — looping
                    enveloping —
                          Forming a sphere of potential

The sphere
Marked a place in space

Just being there
It appeared to be resting
Lengths and lengths of potential concentrated in
      A dot in space

Was the dot lonely?
Was there some longing for a touch?
Was it even

You stood there
      Watching the sphere of potential
            Considering the possibilities

                        It is hard to know where to start

The perfect loops layered upon one another
      Didn’t reveal any entrance
            No opening
            No way to get a grip

                        Perfection does not tolerate deviance

The end (or was it the beginning?) slipped out
                        of the sphere

You grabbed this

And suddenly
There was
            No you
            No sphere
            No separation

                        No vain hopes
                        No uncertainty
                        No loneliness

                                    Potential deserves its name
                                    For it can be realised

            Your hands
            Knowing what to do
                                                going in
                                                            going out

As you moved along
A new beginning (or was it the end?)
started growing

            Marking the work of your hands
            Marking your connection with the potential
            Marking that you have been
                                                                                   In this world

Some call it art
Some call it craft
In the end it’s just life

                                                            You saw the potential
                                                            and realised it.

The Dutch version of this poem appears in a publication Studies in Textiel: 
Kunst en Textiel by Textielcommissie Nederland ISBN: 9789082128864

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