A rectangle as a tabula rasa, a space of possibilities, and a minimal action – a slit through this space, which opens up the in-between space between here and there. The rectangle becomes an ambiguous object in between a sculpture and a painting, with references to the body, clothing and space. This installation is in […]

Alya Hessy - Emptiness

Space Around My Neck

This installation was created in 2019 for Ærø Kunsthal, Ærøskøbing, Denmark. The red neckpieces are arranged in the space creating an uncanny atmosphere.

Alya Hessy - Space Around My Neck


This work explores the notion of time, using the medium of textile and the construction of knitting as a visual language.

Alya Hessy - Gravity


An exploration of the qualities of weaving as a textile language. After the intense red of the Red and Empty project this red is muted, yet not less potent. Weaving by hand on a simple frame gives the work the irregularities and imperfections which make it unique andAn ode to the female body.

Post Red detail