I make most of my work in my studio. I love the quiet concentration of the studio work, but I also love stepping out, making contact with people and sharing my knowledge and skills. A concrete question or a need stimulates my creativity, that’s why I love commissions!

I really enjoy:
● giving lectures and talks – e.g. a lecture on Anni Albers for two weaving clubs;
● teaching yoga – learn more about it on my YOGA site;
● teaching at art academies – e.g. Embodiment in Art workshop for AMFI;
● collaborating with other creatives – e.g. One, Two, Three;
● travelling and exploring new cultures and local handwork – e.g. Neither Nor Both;
● working on commissions – Translation

If you feel connected to what I am doing and would like to hire me or collaborate, drop me a line and we will take it from there.