The Island

A research about the Ainu of the island Hokkaido (Japan). The Ainu used to live on the islands of Kurily, Sakhalin, Tohuku and Hokkaido. Through out the history their islands were passed to and fro among the Russian Empire, Japan and (later) Soviet Union. A Hole, a Door and a Tree A hole is a […]

Alya Hessy, The Island, 2013


Winning design of an annual prize issued by the literary translators workgroup (Werkgroep Literair vertalers, Vereniging van Letterkundigen). The award ceremony took place on March 3, 2014 in De Balie, Amsterdam. The workgroup of Literary translators of the Dutch Literary Society presents an annual award to promote and encourage the work of translators. The prize […]

Alya Hessy - Translation - 2013