An exploration of the qualities of weaving as a textile language. After the intense red of the Red and Empty project this red is muted, yet not less potent. Weaving by hand on a simple frame gives the work the irregularities and imperfections which make it unique andAn ode to the female body.

Post Red detail

Over and Under

What is knitting really about? I wanted to get inside and really feel it. I wanted to know what it means to “go through the loop”. I had a wild fantasy about two bodies turning into a pair of knitting needles, coming together and going apart, working a giant ball of wool into a delicate […]

One – Two – Three

This project was a collaboration with a choreographer Son of Mom, who created a performance he called W3. SonOfMom reflects about the W3 as “a choreographic gesture which problematizes the current state of European democratic affairs and identity whilst projecting on archetypal constructs of a woman through the exposure of three artists; a Mother, a Goddess […]

Red Thread

Durational performance In other performances, Hessy has also knit with her own body, slipping thick red thread from one arm to the other to create long chains of knit that draw a dynamic line down multistory walls in various museum settings. The artist carries her giant cache of yarn in an oversized bag around her […]

Alya Hessy, Van Abbemuseum, 2016