This work is a reflection on liminality, focussing on adolescence as an in-between state.

Alya Hessy - Sixteen - 2018


This work explores the notion of time, using the medium of textile and the construction of knitting as a visual language.

Alya Hessy - Gravity


An exploration of the qualities of weaving as a textile language. After the intense red of the Red and Empty project this red is muted, yet not less potent. Weaving by hand on a simple frame gives the work the irregularities and imperfections which make it unique andAn ode to the female body.

Post Red detail

Constant Companion

A work for the annual Rietveld at the Old Church exhibition with a theme Constant Companion. The exhibition took place on March 16 – April 6 2014 in the Old Church (Oude Kerk) in Amsterdam These chairs are made especially for the Mirror room of the Amsterdam Old Church, to replace the original ones from 1580. […]


Winning design of an annual prize issued by the literary translators workgroup (Werkgroep Literair vertalers, Vereniging van Letterkundigen). The award ceremony took place on March 3, 2014 in De Balie, Amsterdam. The workgroup of Literary translators of the Dutch Literary Society presents an annual award to promote and encourage the work of translators. The prize […]