Inner Garden

Inner Garden is an embodied reflection on being human, exploring the depths of our potential, creation and procreation. It is a place of practice, a practice of getting in touch with our body, senses, energy, feelings and emotions. 

Through an exploration of our own inner world we can enter the space of resonance with the whole, where we can experience a sense of belonging. 

Through her careful selection of tactile materials and meticulous handwork Hessy seeks to transform the energy of her experiences into matter, creating sculptural objects. These objects come together in an installation, which forms an environment for individual and collective explorations. Thus, the energy of matter is channeled into the energy of a direct experience. 

Collective explorations were offered in the form of Embodiment workshops, where the participants engaged in a series of body and material experiences.

Workshops programme

Thursday 8/10, 7-8 PM

Out of the Head
Into the Heart

• Short meditation / centering / breathing
• Body exploration: head, neck, shoulders, arms
• Material exploration: hand spinning wool

Friday 9/10, 4-5 PM


• Short meditation / centering / breathing
• Body exploration: feet, knees, hips, vertebral column
• Material exploration: hand spinning wool

Saturday 10/10, 1-2 PM

Expansion and channelling

• Short meditation / centering / breathing
• Body exploration: full body spatial flow
• Material exploration: hand spinning wool

Sunday 11/10, 2-3 PM


• Short meditation / centering / breathing
• Body exploration: lower back, pelvis, internal space
• Material exploration: hand spinning wool

INNER GARDEN and embodiment workshops were presented at the show
UNFINISHED on 8-11 October 2020 at the Melkfabriek in Arnhem. 

This work has come to existence as a result of a two-year research and intense self-inquiry.
I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to:
🌹 Master of Arts programme Practice Held in Common where I found support and understanding in a fragile period in my life, and especially to Pascale Gatzen, Nannet van der Kleijn, Catharina van Eetvelde and Bibi Straatman;
🌹 My lovely fellow-participants of the MA with whom I had shared lots of laughter and tears: Anna Wetzel, Annie Millican, Clementine Robertson, Danyang Cao, Lenn Cox, Lucie Chaptal, Morane Havet, Niki Millioni, Sára Horvath, Takahiro Hasegawa, Wenhai Su, Wei Yu Hung;
🌹 Joke Robaard, Seet van Hout, Marian Bijlenga, Maryan Geluk, Karin Arink, Margreet Sweerts and Emmeline de Mooij for sharing their experience, inspiration and support with me;
🌹 My wonderful family for all the support and unconditional love;
🌹 Last, but not least, to Sifra Kock, who skilfully captured the evasive spirit of the Garden on her camera. The images you see on this page are made by her.

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