Knitting After Making

“When is the activity of making the primary objective – and when is the physical outcome?” – Jessica Hemmings, textile writer and Professor of Crafts & Vice-Prefekt of Research at the University of Gothenburg, discusses in her essay Knitting After Making, published in the new Bloomsbury’s book Textiles, Community and Controversy. The Knitting Map, edited by Jools Gilson and Nicola Moffat. Hemmings looks at the works of Celia Pym, Angela Maddock, Dutes Miller & Stan Shellabarger, Andrea Vander Kooij & Alan Groombridge, Kate Just, Liz Collins and Alya Hessy.

Hessy’s performance Over and Under is one of the works discussed in the essay/chapter.

Jessica Hemmings has kindly made this chapter available on her website